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The Encounter/Satikšanās - my most personal work ever

28th of September was the opening day of my solo exhibition at ALMA gallery that was a research of the first encounter with my daughter. It was a very emotional day for me and I was overwhelmed with the emotions for several days in a row. Many people who came to the opening were sharing their own personal experiences either of giving birth or of assisting or participating in the process in some other way. I am very happy that people opened up and talked about themselves. In this exhibition I worked with photographs (self portraits) and video material that was taken during my 3 hours of labor. My aim was to visualize and create the memories from the event. I was interested in the choreography of the body so I have turned video into still frames and put hundreds of them together in compositions that visualize small movements. The exhibition is on display until 3rd of November. Photo documentation and also text can be accessed on this contemporaryartlibrary page.

And 10 minutes long video interview with me (in Latvian) made by FK magazine can be seen here.

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