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Difficult pasts. Connected worlds. The exhibition is open!

Some good news. In pandemic times in Latvia museums are one of the few places still open to visitors. Since Saturday 28 the of November the exhibition "Difficult Pasts. Connected worlds." can be seen in the Latvian National museum of art. The exhibition sheds light on difficult, often omitted subjects in the Baltic and Eastern European region and turn to the complex legacies of the twentieth century. Despite being suppressed in collective memory, these subjects and legacies often continue to influence today’s reality. I am really happy to participate with the work based on conversations with my dad about his experience as a soldier in Soviet - Afghan war in 1980.

Show is curated by Ieva Astahovska and Margaret Tali. collaboration with Margaret Tali.

Participating artists:

Come and see in the museum or watch this video!

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