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Hey! It's been a while since I've updated my website which means that I was overwhelmed with work on my art, teaching and personal life events. 2022 was quite a year for art production - I did 3 installations for international group shows (none of them photography) and a photographic project about Latvian National ballet which I enjoyed hugely. But still the most important event took place on 29th of August 2022 - it was the birth of my daughter Alma! So it is already more than six month since we enjoy each others company. Now I am on so called "parental leave" but probably you can imagine that for a freelance artist parental leave is never fully a leave... Although I am taking a break from teaching. Anyway. I am hoping to somehow make it as a good mum and an artist...

Today I have updated a CV page and next week I am throwing in some images of the last years works.

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