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Seasonal Greetings

Dear readers of my blog! I am wishing you all a year full of exciting challenges and success!

For me this year has really been about art production and exhibiting new work. To complete an project and bring it to spectators artist always needs support of other people and institutions. So I would like to thank everyone who has been around this year!

I am really grateful to all collaborators who helped me to make ideas come to life (Rucka residency team and fellow residents, Cesis Art festival team, Daiga Rudzate, Alma gallery team and Astrida Rinke, Survival kit festival and LLMC team and many other people), also to the State Culture Foundation of Latvia for financial support of my projects, to places where I am having a pleasure to teach (ISSP school team, ANNAS 2 team, RISEBA university) and of course to my friends and family! Have a creative New Year!

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