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Greetings in 2021! Wish everyone to have a healthy and creative one and hope that this will be a better year for our planet! A bit about my creative plans in the nearest future - in the end of February I will be participating in an exhibition "As she sees it" in the Pallais gallery in Tartu, Estonia. In this exhibition four Latvian female photographers present their work on masculinity topics. In May I will have a solo show in my favorite gallery on Eart - gallery Alma in Riga. I will present new work involving experiments with analogue color photography. And than - in July I am participating in the Cesis Art Festival with the continuation of my work about Velnezers (the Devil's lake). The space is huge and so is the challenge. So... it is going to be a very hardworking time for me and I am very grateful for this! Have a nice day everyone.

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