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As mentioned earlier I will try to write this blog more often telling more about specific pieces I have created or just reflecting on my artistic process. So this one is about the Grass snake - a 12-meter herbarium installation displayed in the Devil's lake show at Cesis Art Festival.

While at the opening of the show I was observing people from afar and noticed that this work catches the most of the attention and becomes a conversation starter more than any of the photographs.

These are bodies of the grass snakes that I collected last Summer on the asphalt road next to the entrance to the lake (within 2 km) that were drown over by cars passing by. There were two unexpectedly warm winters in the row so the snake population grew immensely and I was struck by the number of bodies on the road. This year the winter was cold so there are not many snakes on the road this Summer

Installation pics are made by Kristine Madjare @kristinemadjare

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